About IBS Capital

IBS Capital was founded by Igor Geninson and is based in Sydney, Australia.

IBS Capital Leadership

Igor Geninson

Founding Principal and CEO

Igor has more than 20 year experience as a quantitative analyst, an IT specialist and an exotic book runner with leading financial institutions and consulting firms, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Zurich Capital Markets, Citi bank, Merrill Lynch, NatWest, Ernst & Young and others. Throughout his career, Igor has been working with variety of market traded and OTC products in equities, fixed income, rates, foreign exchange and commodities. Igor has an extensive knowledge of market data, analytic and system providers. He has the firsthand knowledge and experience in dealing with a multitude of tasks in financial markets related to pricing, valuation and risk. 

Igor has a degree in mechanical engineering and MS in applied mathematics from Moscow Higher School of Economics. He has PhD in applied mathematics from Sydney University and currently is an honorable industry fellow with UTS business school.

Alex Kataev

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Alex is responsible for all technical aspects of the Analytic Space Engine design and development. 

Alex has a Master of Information Technologies degree from the Central Queensland University and a software engineering degree from Perm State Technical University.

Steve Tulig

Member of the Advisory Board

Steve has extensive experience as a quantitative investment analyst and technical business analyst with leading financial institutions including Allianz, UBS Warburg and Westpac. His primary expertise is in quantitative investment strategies for equity markets. He has firsthand knowledge of investment management models and related financial data.

Steve has a degree in civil engineering and PhD in Finance from the University of Wollongong, as well as a Master of Commerce degree majoring in Finance from the University of New South Wales. Having successfully completed both stages of the FRM exam, he is currently lecturing in risk and investment related subjects at Sydney Business School.