Minimal IT Support

Reflects the insight of people with trading, risk and valuation team business experience rather than being a pure technology solution.

As a business focused front and middle office technology solution, Analytic Space requires minimal IT support and is designed to easily interface (and configured) with other front office and middle office technologies. Key technical features of Analytic Space include:

  • Easy to deploy and maintain - can be done by quants with minimum IT support
  • Easy to scale (server side) without a need for a complex infrastructure
  • Support for up to 1000+ clients
  • Essential security, audit and logging features
  • Fault tolerant, all objects are persistent
  • Basic administrative features and monitoring
  • Choice of a file system or a database as a persistent object store and historical data
  • Client access via MS Excel and browser, flexibility of MS Excel with the power and speed of a server
  • Connectivity to other front/middle office functions including:
    • P&L Reporting
    • Position management
    • Counterparty Limits
    • Limits Management
    • Enterprise risk management
  • Support for common protocols (HTTP(S)/SOAP)
  • Ability to deploy different versions of the same function for regression testing; support for multiple (old) versions

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