About Analytic Space

Analytic Space, jointly developed by SciComp Inc. and IBS Capital, is a customizable portfolio pricing and risk analysis framework that amalgamates market data, pricing analytics and risk analysis into a centralized service so that traders, risk managers and valuation teams may easily and independently implement and share pricing, risk management and portfolio analysis of exchange traded and OTC instruments tailored to their particular needs and requirements.

Analytic Space includes an extensive suite of pre-implemented market data objects (e.g., market instruments used for yield curve construction, yield curve templates, volatility surface templates, etc.), pricing models for OTC cash and derivative instruments and risk analytics (e.g., P&L attribution report, book risk anakysis, sensitivity reports, cpaital allocation analysis, etc.). All pre-implemented market data objects, pricing models and risk analytics are completely customizable, composable and extendable by end users.

Analytic Space delivers the best of two worlds: an intuitive, configurable environment for building financial reports/analysis (pricing, risk management, P&L analysis, etc.) and an environment that utilizes the latest technology for easy access to advanced sets of analytical models and algorithms, including a client’s in-house developed and/or third-party licensed tools and pricing libraries. Analytic Space enhances and complements existing trading, risk and position keeping systems, but may also be used as a standalone risk management solution.

SciComp is a leading provider of scientific computing solutions to the financial markets. Driven by customer needs in a constantly evolving marketplace, SciComp provides unique products, expertise, and support services for the pricing and risk management of derivative instruments. SciComp solutions reflect the input from practitioners at top tier institutions worldwide.

IBS Capital develops state-of-the-art, configurable, web based solution for the financial markets. IBS Capital solutions focus on amalgamating market data and pricing analytics as an internal and/or cloud based service within a centralized framework.

Overview Video

Watch this comprehensive overview video to find our more about Analytic Space features and benefits. Analytic Space is a customizable portfolio risk management framework for comprehensive portfolio risk analysis of exchange traded and OTC cash and derivatives instruments.

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