Comprehensive Multi-Model Support

Risk management framework for assessing alternative pricing models and market data sets

One of the key attributes of Analytic Space is the comprehensive and robust multi-model support provided through its customizable pricing and risk management framework. Most financial organizations have implemented monolithic trading and risk system applications that lack a unified approach for dealing with the variety and complexity of pricing analytics. Typically pricing models the pricing models are disorderly, non-generic, opaque and tailored for specific tasks and input data structure (i.e., hardwired to specific systems).

Analytic Space provides a centralized repository of configurable, in-memory, persistent mathematical and statistical models of varied complexity accessible via an MS Excel front-end or a Web Services compliant client. By amalgamating market data, pricing models and risk analysis into a centralized service, Analytic Space provides a flexible and robust risk management framework for assessing alternative pricing models with combinations of different market data sets.

Analytic Space provides a robust, broadly accessible, multi-model framework that provides numerous front and middle office benefits including:

  • Comprehensive trading book analysis and multi-model comparison/assessment
  • Ability to test model performance against both model and market perturbed hedges
  • Effective and transparent model calibration
  • Model validation
  • Detailed P&L attribution and rapid resolution of all discrepancies in P&L and Risk
  • "WHAT IF" analysis for both valuations and risk management.
  • Ability to price and calculate risk of portfolios using multiple models simultaneously
  • Infrastructure cost savings
  • Unified approach to model development and deployment allows for skills importability
  • A holistic view of cost of capital
  • "Un-warehousing" of the risk
  • Facilitates effective communication and positive idea flow between front & middle office and financial control teams

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